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Rubix's Cube

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The Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube.

Rubik's main motive to creating the Cube was not to producing the best selling toy puzzle in history. It was to help him teach his class and to give us a little something to do in our free time.  At first the design of the cube was very complex as he tried to use rubber bands to hold the cube together, now, it is the structeral deisgn of the cubies that keep it as a whole. In a Rubik's Cube, twenty-six individual little cubes or cubies make up the big Cube. Each layer of nine cubies can twist and the layers can overlap. Any three squares in a row, except diagonally, can join a new layer.  Rubik hand carved and assembled the little cubies together. He marked each side of the big Cube with adhesive paper of a different color, and started twisting. Once he got his deisgn to work, he handed it off to close friends and one of his professers said, "It was the greatest puzzle of all time." That statement actually convince Erno Rubix to patent his design and turn the Cube into what it is today.