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Millions Guide



How to make millions in a short amount of time.

I'm not sure that this works anymore due to the fluctuating log prices, but this is how I made 1,000,000 gp in three days.  I made a level 3 woodcutter and got him to level 15 wc by cutting regular logs.  Then I cut thousands upon thousands (totalling about 3k) oak logs until I reached level 41 wc, then I bought him a rune wc axe on my main.  After this, I cut about 2k more oaks to reach level 60.  When I reached lvl 60 wc, I sold all of my oaks, and, at the time, got a pretty penny for them.  After that, with my main already haveing 78 wc, I was double paging, cutting yew logs on both accounts.  After I reached 2.5k yews total, I sold them for 500k, (200 each) and with the money from the oaks I priorly sold, I had 1,000,000 gp.

Here's a good way to gradually get rich while playing on a members server.  This method involves purely making profit.  Unfortunately, it requires 70+ fletching, and 55+ magic level.  You also need either 60+ woodcut, or a considerable amount of money to make this work.  There are two ways to do this. This is the first way.  You can buy 1,000 (or however many you want) yew logs, the same number of bowstrings, and an equal number of nature runes.  You can fletch the logs, gaining a lot of xp, then string 'em and alch them.  This way is the least profit, but it provides good magic and fletching xp.  The other way is as follows.  Cut however many yew logs on your own, get flax and make the same amount of bowstrings, and run or runecraft nats.  Then fletch them all and alch them.  This way you make a substantial profit of nearly 700k.  This is more time consuming, but you gain fletching, crafting, woodcutting, and magic xp. 

Here's another cheat for a weaker member's account.  All you need is 10 crafting.  Simply go to Seer's village, pick flax, spin it into bowstrings, then sell them for over 100 gp each.  This isn't hard and takes a little bit of time, but it can really pay off for you in the long run.

Here's another slow and potentially dangerous way for nonmembers to make money.  Choose the world with the fewest amount of people, then go up to the boneyard (28 wild) and pick up big bones until your inventory is full.  Then bank and repeat the process.  Then you can og to world 1 and sell them for around 450 gp each.
This is one for nonmembers.  Coal is on the rise, and it is rapidly catching yews in price.  This is a better way to make money because it only requires a mining level of 30.  You can even get an auto miner for a worthless noob and then get 15 levels worth of whatever, then 15 levels of iron to reach the required level for coal.  Then just keep mining coal until you have like 5k or so.  Then the coal, combined with the iron, will equal over 1 mil.
Also, for members, law running is a good way to make money.  Go to Draynor, world 66 with 27 unnoted ess and no armor or weapons.  Glory ammies are very handy as well.  Then get on the boat to Entrana, and follow the flood of people to the law temple.  Then if you don't have a tally, you just need to wait until someone says "open" and then trade them.  This might take a while.  If you have completed the troll stronghold quest, however, you have a law tally.  Then you can use it on the ruins, and trade LCC (Law Craft Company) members, and get your laws straight from them.  Then repeat, and soon you can have a large amount of laws and, in turn, a large amount of money.


If you're into merching, then this map of world 2 (world 1 is coming soon!) should prove helpful to members players.