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Weapons Guide

These are the best weapons for members.


Abyssal Whip
This is debateably the best weapon in Runescape.  It is fast to hit, it has a somewhat decent special attack, and it can hit hard if you have high combat stats.


Granite Maul
This used to be one of the hottest weapons on the market.  They aren't all that bad, really.  They are a little slower than whips, but their special can mean trouble, especially if you are in the higher levels.


Dharok's Greataxe
This, next to the whip, is also one of the talked about best weapons in Runescape.  Like with all of the Barrows weapons, If you have the full set of armor, they tend to hit much higher.  With this particular weapon, when your health falls below 10%, and you have the full set of armor on, you can hit into the upper 60's! This weapon is also very slow but best if, once again, you are in the higher combat status.


Verac's Flail
I, personally, think that this weapon is pretty effective.  It also looks cool.  Like all Barrows weapons, it works better if you have the full set of armor, which requires high combat stats.  It's quite inexpensive, and adds to your look, but it can do some damage as well.


Torag's Hammers
These are my least favorite of the Barrows weapons.  They don't hit very high, but still beat out common weapons.


Guthan's Warspear
This is a very effective weapon if you are of any level.  If you posess the full Guthan set, the warspear's special heals you, instead of doing damage to an opponent.  It also can do alot of damage, and you can win battles without using much if any food.

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