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Runescape Scammers 101
Rare Items Guide

I finally finished it!


Party Hats
These are the most expensive items in the game.  If you have one of these, people know of your wealth and respect you.  Their price ranges from 95m-250m, and a full set is around 1 billion gp.


Halloween Masks
These are the second most expensive items in the game.  Although they don't come close to party hats in price, they are higher than all the other holiday items.  There are three colors, putting the set at around 58m.


Santa Hats
This item is priced well below the previous two, but is the next item in line.  I've had a couple of these, back when they were 500k each, then I held onto one for a later date.  I made about 6m, but now that can't even buy one.  Today they go for around 11.5m.


Disk of Returning
These went down recently.  I had one, and traded it for a green mask.  Best trade I ever made.  Sold the mask for 11.2m, the most amount of money I've ever acquired in a trade.  Today disks sell for 5-6m .


These are not highly in demand, so their price isn't very high.  They sell for 3.5m or so.


Easter Egg
Pretty colors.  Pretty cheap.  I'd buy a flail instead, they are about the same price.  Easter eggs are actually slightly more, costing around 3m.

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