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Runescape Scammers 101

Hey all you Runescape scammers and lowlifes. Welcome to my site. Here I will share some of my scamming tips and hints to give you the edge in Runescape merchanting.

Heres is the basic, simple tip #1. Picture yourself in world 1 on the constant lookout for someone with an item that you desire for sale. But you are saving up for that santa hat as well and have no room for it in your budget. Offer the money that the person requested and accpet. Then swiftly remove all coins and accept again. Hopefully the victim won't notice and bam! There's your scam.

Here's tip #2. You will need a friend for this one. Go to wherever you want and try to sell a junk item or an item that sounds rare for more than its worth. Then when someone trades you have your friend say that he will buy the item for a higher amount. Then if all goes well, your victim will outbid your friend and there you go, you sold a lockpick for 1.5 mil.

Here's the much anticipated scamming tip #3. This relates to tip #1 but is a little different. Here you have to be buying something 100k or more. Lets just say that you are buying a dragon baxe, now around 150k. so you offer up your 150k, then take off 135k and accept. Leaving 15k, same digits as 150k but a lot less. Also for this scam to work you can not leave less than 10k. Otherwise the stack gets smaller and easier for someone to notice.

Here's tip #4. You have probably heard of the duplicate items trick. You know, the "drop your best item then press alt+f4" kind of thing.  Well few people know that pressing ctrl+w accomplishes the same thing.  It will close the window, allowing you to wait for their best item to appear then simply pick it up and add it to your inventory.

I'm not just here to help you scam, but also to help you avoid it. Here's a helpful tip to keep your password safe.
To save yourself from keyloggers, download Ad-Aware, SpyBot S&D, Norton, and all the protection you can. Also use Mozilla FireFox instead of Internet Explorer. This will help save you against viruses, trojans, keyloggers, and other bad programs. But remember, this doesnt make you invincible.
Although this is complicated, it helps. Trust me I would never give out my password unless I know the person personally.

Here's another helpful tip for keeping your account safe.
If someone asks for your password and they say they are Jagex staff dont beleive them! the actual staff members have a miniature crown next to their name. if someone justs adds you on their friends list and says they are a staff member and ask for your password,don't believe them!  Jagex will never do that mainly because they already know your password, or it may be a friend playing tricks.

10 Ways to avoid getting scammed or hacked:
1. Do not give your password to anyone.
2. Do not give items without getting something of equal price no matter what. (Unless you KNOW the person in real life)
3. Do not believe anyone who says they can upgrade, enhance, or duplicate your items.
4. Do not listen to anyone advertising websites on Runescape. Chances are it is a website that will steal your password.
5. Do not buy or sell an account.

6. Do not accept e-mails from anyone with attachments.
7. Use a firewall (if you know how) when playing runescape.
8. Do not accept stolen goods. (There is a chance that you may be banned).
9. Do not believe anyone impersonating Jagex Staff.
10. Change your password maybe once a month just in case.

-*Not Me*-
This is a pic of 20 party hats on the ground. Somebody is rich...


If I ever decide to add anything to this site, this is where to look. Although you shouldn't get your hopes up. I'll probably be too busy playing RS. Almost lvl 80 yay!

Well I updated lol. I'm gonna put a link to America's Army under links. And please check out my forums I created the skin myself!

Well I'd say that a lots happened since I last updated. Now I am a happy level 80 legend with 4.5 mil to spend on my skills. What else can I ask for?

Haven't updated in a month but not a lot has changed. Nothing special at least. Combat 81, 86,000-some rank, a wc lvl, but otherwise not much. But I did make a new clan forum and added some new links. So be expecting an update in about a month or so. Enjoy!

Ok, its been like 3 months since I've updated. Oh well. I see that my site is becoming more populat and I feel kinda good about that.  My rank is dropping since the hiscores went to 1,000,000. That's kinda annoying. Anyways, I just lost my members temporarily and I'm training a pure range pker. Thats kinda fun. I got a combat and did Desert Treasure. Yay! Ancient!

Okay... it's been a while hasn't it?  I'm now 84 combat, uhhh not really much has changed, but if you'd like, you could look up Lilbrennan22 on the hiscores.  I do have a comment though, to put it lightly... QUIT FLAMING ME AND MY PICS!!! THIS SITE IS PERFECTLY LEGAL AND IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN, LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL IN MY GUESTBOOK SO I CAN YELL AT YOU PERSONALLY!!!!!!!  Oh, and by the way, "Yo Momma" jokes are really lame...

With the help of recent dissatisfactory comments, I've decided that it was time for a change.  I put in a new background, and reformatted my site.  Also on Runescape, I made a woodcutting noob for the purpose of selling oak logs.  Oaks are good money now, with the release of the construction skill. 

I changed the look yet again!  I think I'm gonna leave it this way for a while.  I'm also adding a millions guide in the navigation bar.  I made a mil in three days in this past week using both my main and a level 3 character.  Enjoy!

I also decided to make a weapons guide for members.  Just something to help out a little more.  I recently accidentally deleted my guestbook, so if you are visiting again, please leave your comments.

I'm now adding a rare items guide and additions to my millions guide. Hope to have that up soon.

Got 85 combat and 79 wc.  Still need 2 str and 3 def lvls to get 70/70/70

I need to update more often... I've been busy training and now I'm lvl 91 with almost 1300 skill total.

Allright I'm updating again. I'm level 93 and going for full veracs.  I'm already over halfway there moneywise, but I don't really want to work hard to get it.  My total lvl is now 1329... A little bit higher than the last time I updated.  Oh well, I shall update in a little while.


It's a shame that you can't see anything here.  All that it is  is a little drop party in which there are a few rare items on the ground including a party hat and mask set and a santa hat.


This is just about the only game I play besides RS
Great graphics and a really great game.

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